A cookie is a small piece of data from a website which asks permission to be placed on your hard drive. Once you agree to the placement of the cookie on your hard drive, it starts collecting data used to analyze traffic or keeps track of when you visited a particular site. The purpose of it is to tailor the operation to your needs through data gathered and remembered your patterns and preferences.

Madcasinobonus.co.uk uses traffic log, authentication and tracking cookies.The traffic log cookies are used to identify which pages are preferred that helps identify patterns in the traffic on the website and update and further develop our website to your needs.

Authentication cookies are used by madasinobonus.co.uk to identify whether a user is logged in or not and with which account. This has the role in facilitating the login process and determining whether or when to allow access to sensitive information.

Tracking cookies or third-party tracking cookies are used to compile more information about the user from other third-party sources that the user might be associated with.

Please recall that cookies can be blocked and deleted from this site at any time by the user by clearing your cookies in the browser or altering your privacy settings in the browser.

The time each cookie last on the site varies from a few minutes to a few months. The cookies found on the website as mentioned above are related to development and tools that enhance the user experience on the site. Madcasinobonus.co.uk would like mention that none of the information collected is stored by third parties that are GDPR compliant and respect all the legal requirements. For your security and confront, please check our cookies below.

Applicable only for editors of the site

Google analytics related cookies:

  • _gid - Google Analytics - 1 day
  • _gat_gtag_UA_108472793_1 - Google Analytics - 1 min
  • _ga - Google Analytics - 2 years

For more information about the Google data handling practices please click here.

All cookies can be cleaned by clearing the cookies on your devices. Also, for more information about our, please go through our cookie policy section.

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