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Online Poker: Rules and Strategies

Welcome to the Mad Casino Bonus poker guide. Our team has carefully outlined the basics of online poker rules and strategies, just so you can get started as fast as possible. Just right off the bat, you have to know that Poker is a broader term, referring to several variants such as:

  • Omaha High
  • Seven Card Stud
  • Five Card Draw
  • Pineapple

Still, the type of poker that first comes up in your mind is probably Texas Holdem. Texas Hold’em has become synonymous to the idea of online poker. It benefits from the most media coverage (with events such as the World Series of Poker watched by millions of people), as well from the most players around the world.

In this brief how to play poker guide, you will learn the basic rules and strategies of Texas Holdem. Moreover, you will know how to evaluate your poker hands, and how to compare them to the other players’. We don’t like bragging, but we feel like this page is the perfect starting point for any online poker rookie.

We even went a step further and got together a list of real money poker sites and bonuses. You can check it here. You can thank us later!

Now, let us get straight to the point, and touch the first and foremost point on our complete poker guide; namely, the online poker hand rankings:

1. Types of Poker Hands and Rankings

In order to play a game of online poker, you will need to properly understand the different types of starting hands you might get. Moreover, you really must understand how these hands rank among each other. Otherwise, how will you know how confident you should be with your hand? How would you know if this is the time to really go all in, or actually pass the hand?

Luckily for you, this is exactly why we are here! So, let us get a quick rundown through all the poker hands you will face in your online poker sessions. In order from highest to lowest, they are:

1.1. Royal Flush

The Royal Flush truly is the Holy Grail of online poker hands. This is the best possible Poker hand, although it is the least encountered. The Royal Flush happens when out of all the cards available (community cards + your own hand), you cumulatively fulfill these 3 conditions:

  • - You have five consecutive cards;
  • - Those consecutive cards are a: Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace;
  • - All of those cards are of the exact same suit;

As for royal flushes, you do not really have to think about them, as they almost never happen. As we love to be precise here, around Mad Casino Bonus, the exact odds of getting a Royal Flush are 649.739:1;

1.2. Straight Flush

The next best possible hand is a Straight Flush. This happens when you have five cards in sequential order, of the same suit. For example, a player might have a six, seven, eight, nine, ten of clubs. This is still, one of the best starting hands in Poker!

The odds of you landing a Straight Flush are of 72.192:1;

1.3. Four of a Kind

Also known as quads, happens when a player has all four suits of a particular card. For example, if you get all four jacks (spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds) you have got yourself a quad.

The odds of you landing a four of a kind hand are of 4.164:1;

1.4. Full House

The next best hand is the Full House. A Full House happens when you get three cards of a kind plus any additional pair. For example, a player might get three Jacks and two Queens. Essentially, a full house is a combination of Three of a Kind hand plus a Pair hand. But we’ll learn more about these two hands later on, in this poker guide.

The odds of you landing a full house are of 693:1;

1.5. Flush

A Flush is represented by five random cards that are in the same suite. Remember, they do not have to be sequential. Otherwise, that would be a Straight Flush. For example, a player has a Flush if he holds a Jack, a Seven, an Ace, a Nine and a Three, of the same suit. If two players have Flushes during the same hand, the one who has the highest card overall wins.

The odds of you landing a flush are of 508:1;

1.6. Straight

Moving down through the hands, let us focus a bit on the Straight. A Straight happens when there are five consecutive cards. But bear with us: the cards are not of the same suit. Otherwise, that would be a straight flush. Easy right? For example, if you land a Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, irrespective of their suit, you have a Straight.

The odds of you getting a Straight are of 254:1;

1.7. Three of a Kind

Next one up, we’ve got the Three of a Kind hand. This hand is pretty straight forward, and it consists of three matching cards. A player might get three Jacks, of Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts, and this would be called a Three of a Kind hand.

The odds of you getting a Three of a Kind are of 46,3:1; so this hand is met quite often.

1.8. Two Pair

Moving down through the hand hierarchy, next one is the Two Pair hand. We say that a player has Two Pairs when he lands, for example, two Jacks and two Kings.

The odds of you getting a Two Pair hand are of 20:1;

1.9. One Pair

Quite commonly, you see this hand all the time; Namely, a Pair hand. This basically means that out of all the available cards, you have any two matching ones. For example, you might have two Jacks.

The odds of you getting a One Pair hand are of 1,36:1; so, this hand is really common.

1.9. The Highest Card

Sometimes, you get to the end of a hand of Poker, and there will not be any good cards out there. But someone must win. This is how Poker works. So how do you make the difference amongst players? If no other players around the table has one of the hands we’ve discussed before, the player who holds the highest card (an Ace for example) wins the hand. It’s as simple as that.

How to play poker – tips & tricks

If you want to maximize the returns of your poker bonuses, make sure you learn by heart the hierarchy of these poker hands. The internalization of this hierarchy truly lies at the foundation of a successful poker experience. Still, the best way to make sure you understand the mechanics of poker hands, is to actually indulge in some playing. After that, in no time, you will be ready for the more advanced tips & tricks of online poker.

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2. How to play Online Texas Hold'em in 10 Easy Steps 

Texas Hold'em has been a big booming game in the internet era and you can be an important part of it. The best thing to do is to learn how to play it properly before you start playing the game. We know you don’t have the time to read hundreds of pages of tips, so that’s why we’ve compressed all the essential information of how to play poker in 10 easy steps. Here we go:

1. Online Poker Texas Holdem in short

Hold’em is a game of poker against other players. Eventually on the table there will be seven cards. Two of them are rather secretive, as they will be face down, and they will be your cards. The rest of the cards will be dealt (in three separate phases), face up, as they will be the community cards. The best player, that is the one with the strongest hand, will win.

Now let us expand a bit.

2. The Texas Hold’em poker table

Here you've got something called a ‘’dealer button’’. You will see the dealer button move round after every hand so every player at the table gets their turn to be the Dealer. To the left of the dealer, that’s the person who starts betting off in every single hand. This is called the Small Blind. To the left of the Small Blind, you will have the Big Blind. But what exactly are the Blinds?

3. The Blinds

The Blinds in online Texas Holdem are part of the poker betting rules. They are mandatory bets used to start the action at the poker table. Irrespective of their hand, or decision of getting involved in the hand or not, the players holding the Small Blind and Big Blind Buttons will stake a predefined bet. As a general poker betting rule, the Big Blind is twice as much as the Small Blind.

4. Dealing the Cards

Each of the players present at the table gets two cards. As mentioned before, they are dealt face down, so each player knows only his/hers cards. Afterwards the Blinds start.

5. The Player Options

After the Big Blind is committed, the following player needs to make a decision. The three possible decision, according to the poker betting rules in Texas Holdem, are the following:

  • Folding. This is pretty straight forward. If the player, after looking at his cards, thinks that his hand is not worthy enough to pay the Big Blind, folds. This means that the player exits the hand.
  • Calling. If the player, after looking at his cards, thinks that his hand rather good, but not fantastic, he pays the Big Blind. Therefore, the player will still be in the game.
  • Raising. Now raising is when you add money to the pot. It is an aggressive play that somehow implies that the player holds a strong hand. In order to raise, you have to double the amount that's been bet previously at the table. For example, if the big blind was £10, you’ll have to raise to £20 or more.

This will be the end of the first round of betting.

6. The Flop

After the first round of betting is finished, the dealer draws three more cards to the table. After this, a new round of betting will begin, following the steps and options discussed before. The only difference in this round is that there are no compulsory bets.

Therefore, a new option arises for the player. That is, checking. When there is no action at the table, and you do not want to commit any more money to the pot, but you still want to be part of the game, you can Check. The action moves then to the next player.

If any player from the table decides to actually bet (and not check), an additional round of betting begins. Therefore, the players who previously checked, now have to decide of either calling, folding, or raising.

The second round of betting concludes here.

7. The Turn

The Turn is the fourth card drawn by the dealer to the community zone. A new round of betting commences.

8. The River

The River is the fifth and last card drawn by the dealer. A new round of betting commences.

9. Turning the Cards.

At this stage, the players have already made the bets. The cards are then turned face up, and everyone at the table is able to see them. This is the stage of Texas Holdem Poker where the players see who had the strongest hand, and who wins the pot (with all the betting that was done to it).

10.The next hand of Texas Holdem begins! Enjoy!

Now that you have understood what the main types of poker games are out there, and the hierarchy of poker hands, it’s time for you to test the waters. Go ahead and take full advantage of the poker bonuses you can find on our website. Just make sure you follow these 10 easy steps to understand the mechanics of the game. And remember, there is a reason why people say that a player needs 10 minutes to learn poker, but a lifetime to master it!

Click here if you feel like you need to learn more about the different types of Online Casino Games or head back to the homepage to check all the offers and bonuses we have rounded up for you!

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